About Us

T5M Connect is owned by Edmonton residents who want to see developments that generate positive social, environmental, and financial value for our city and communities.

We are committed to building missing middle projects that increase the walkability of our city.
T5M Connect Team

Guiding Principles of T5M Connect

We build quality infill residential housing that…


We build multi-family residential units that are designed to enhance social connectivity, attract diverse people, and support local assets (like schools) by increasing density in existing neighbourhoods.


We build for future generations. In other words, our buildings will strive for the highest levels of environmental sustainability and efficiency. This means that we are innovative and adopt the latest in building science. By doing so, we hope to build homes that become the new standard in environmental design.


We are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards in what we do. We do this through authentic community engagement, transparent partnerships, and honest negotiations.


Businesses need to make a profit but giving back to society is a core value of T5M Connect Ltd.

The T5M Team

T5M Connect David Portrait


[email protected]
David Campbell is passionate about increasing the walkability and sustainability of Edmonton by adding smart density in an environmentally conscious way. His background includes the development, project management, and construction of large and small-scale multi-family and residential construction projects. He has worked on two of Edmonton’s largest adaptive reuse projects delivering 392 apartments to the downtown core. Currently, he is working on 3 missing middle infill projects including the T5M Connect project. David is a journeyman carpenter, is a Passive House certified builder, and has completed a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development at the University of Southern California.
T5M Connect Melissa


[email protected]
Melissa Campbell believes that strong, connected communities have the power to change the world. She has over 15 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist which has helped her hone her skills in communication and collaboration. She is also a community activator who sits on the boards of both the North Glenora Community League and the Edmonton Youth Justice Committee Society. She feels that the way we design neighbourhoods and gather within them is a key determinate of well-being of individuals as well as society as a whole.

T5M Connect Michelle Portrait


[email protected]
Michelle Young is a natural bridge-builder and a committed community volunteer with a passion for inclusion and creating welcoming communities. She is a Registered Nurse who works in both maternal-newborn care and public health. Prior to nursing, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Physical Education with a concentration in Adapted PE and worked with the International Paralympic Committee. Her unique blend of experiences has shaped her love of diverse cultures and has given her a passion for building diverse, inclusive communities at home in Edmonton while working to break down barriers for marginalized populations.

T5M Connect Ryan Portrait


[email protected]
Ryan Young is a strong believer that business can positively influence how society operates. He is currently a senior leader in Alberta’s largest business school where he oversees industry relations and many new initiatives.  Prior to being involved in post-secondary, he started and managed a community-focused finance agency in Asia.  He has been active in economic and energy-related organizations in Alberta, is a strong supporter of community initiatives and sees much value in infill projects that make Edmonton a leader in environmental sustainability.  Ryan holds an MBA from the University of Alberta and is currently completing a doctorate in entrepreneurship.

We are T5M Connect

T5M Connect builds multi-family housing to create a more vibrant, connected Edmonton for future generations.
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