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Development Questions

Why do you want to increase the density in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods?

We believe that bringing more people into our neighbourhoods would be beneficial for everyone. More people in the community increases safety as it means there are more eyes on the streets and more people looking out for each other. It is also beneficial to the potential new residents because it would allow them to live in our communities that we love so much.

Increased density reduces our taxes, more efficiently uses existing infrastructure and is environmentally sensitive. The alternative to infill in a growing city is urban sprawl, which means that there are more roads, sidewalks, and utilities to maintain. A denser community means that more people share these costs. Increasing density near schools helps to keep neighbourhood schools viable by boosting enrollment. Lastly, increased density is a more environmentally sustainable way to live. We not only stop using farmer’s fields for growth, but we promote more efficient forms of housing.

How will your developments affect traffic in the area?

For the North Glenora Project T5M Connect commissioned a traffic and parking study to test our own assumptions and to provide a professional opinion on the matter. The results of the study can be found here: Traffic & Parking Study. The study confirmed that there is sufficient parking space in the area for our proposal. The study also states that “traffic safety is not anticipated to be negatively impacted in the vicinity of the development.” The fact that cars parked on the road have a traffic-calming effect is also explained in this document.  We are following the same basic principals for all our projects – that location matters and by building in neighbourhoods with good access to public transportation we can focus on building for humans rather than cars.

What is “Missing Middle” housing?

Missing Middle housing adds gentle density while integrating into a neighbourhood. Cities that were planned and built before the automobile was dominate in our culture include plenty of middle density housing.  If you think of any city in Europe what comes to mind is likely a plethora of 2-4 story multifamily buildings.  This type of housing is key to keeping housing affordable and providing housing choice.  See this link for more information:  Missing Middle

Environmental Sustainability Questions

What is Passive House?

Our North Glenora project is the first multi-family project in Alberta certified to the Passive House standard.  Passive House projects use 80-90% less energy than a standard building. The building design calls for highly insulated walls and roof, extreme air tightness and an extremely efficient mechanical system.  Passive House standards provide an excellent starting place to achieve net zero emissions. Visit for more information.

Our Lynwood project follows similar principals with upgraded in insulation and efficient mechanical systems and will be fully electric complete with solar generation on the roof.

What other measures are you taking to make this project environmentally sustainable?

We are currently monitoring the performance of the North Glenora project to determine how close to being net zero we were able to achieve. In addition to the environmentally sensitive design of the building we implemented  sustainable landscaping as well. We have chosen “plant guilds” that have been designed not only for aesthetics but also with consideration to create a more resilient ecosystem.  We plan to continue the same philosophy at the Lynwood project and other future projects.

Rental Questions

What types of units are available?

The North Glenora building includes the following unit types: 1 bedroom lower units, 2-bedroom flats, 2 bedroom wheelchair-accessible suites, and 3 bedroom townhomes. All the units are rental units.

The Lynwood project has a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom wheelchair accessible suits, 2-bedroom flats and 1 bedroom townhome style units.

What will be rents be for these units?

The North Glenora project was fully rented before construction finished. Exact rents for the Lynwood project have not yet been determined, but they will be similar to or below rents for similar suites in similar neighbourhoods. Actual rents will be available closer to the completion of the project.

What are some of the features of the units?

Features include: brand new environmentally sustainable construction; private entry into each unit; in-suite washer & dryer; triple-pane windows; quartz countertops; stainless steel appliances; pet friendly

How can I reserve a unit or be contacted with more info closer to building completion?

Click here to be added to the list of potential tenants:  Contact Us

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