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IDEA In Development Podcast

Listen to this episode from In Development Podcast on Spotify. Today, David and Melissa Campbell join In Development to discuss their award winning missing middle housing development, T5M Connect.

Taproot Edmonton

A group of North Glenora neighbours who collaborated to build multifamily housing in their own backyards have already netted an Urban Design Award and are now looking to repeat their climate-focused success in another mature neighbourhood, just with a smaller footprint.

This is The City to Beat on Housing Reform

“Neighbours over NIMBYs” — that’s a sticker we saw on the back of a sign in Edmonton, Alberta, and it gives a hint as to some of the attitudes that make this maybe the most forward-thinking city for housing reform in North America.

Green Infill - Creating desperately needed housing and building community

The City wants infill, people need housing and climate emissions are soaring. David and Melissa Campbell know these things, so they are building incredibly tasteful green infill, replacing two single-family homes with 16 housing units that are so efficient they require only 10% of the energy of a conventional home to heat.


Edmonton Urban Design Award for Excellence in Housing Innovation

The Urban Design Awards celebrate the best new projects in Edmonton. Through the program, we recognize individuals, organizations, firms and projects that have contributed to urban design and the city's quality of life.

Canadian Home Builders' Association National Awards for Housing Excellence Finalist

To recognize excellence in the architectural qualities of an attached new home (custom or production) including overall exterior and interior design, use of building forms and materials, creative use of space, functionality of floor plan and overall appeal to a target market.
NewHome 2024 finalist

ASTech Best in Sector Construction/Smart Cities/Transportation Finalist

Alberta Science, Technology, and Leadership Awards - Industry, Government, Academia, and Entrepreneurs working together and Inspiring Innovation for over 30 years. Best of All Worlds.

We are T5M Connect

T5M Connect builds multi-family housing to create a more vibrant, connected Edmonton for future generations.
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